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 A new “Revelatory Book” sparking discovery and an awakening to divine purpose. Written by the sensational Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, Co-Global Senior Pastor of The Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA).

Find Your Life's Purpose and Your Place in It

God is the greatest designer of all time.

Throughout creation, we see God’s design prowess. He designs both for functionality and aesthetic beauty, with deliberate intentionality, and laser-focus precision. 

Discover God's divine design for your life

God The Designer is deliberate. There’s no mistake in Him. He did not create you to do nothing. He had a plan in mind, a master plan, with a unique assignment, carved out specially for you.

What You'll Discover

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Inside The Book

The Word of God already existed before anything was created, and you were with The Word, existing in His thoughts; a blueprint, uncorrupted by any external force, unadulterated by any cleverly devised scheme; and at the right time, you were brought forth, from a framework to a living breathing soul, by The Word.

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